Landeyjahöfn and Ferry FAQ

We get alot of question regarding Landeyjahöfn and the ferry, so we decided to put them in one good FAQ for you.


For how long should I stay in Vestmannaeyjar?

We often get the question for how long time should I stay in Vestmannaeyjar / Westman Islands? Is one day enough? Our answer is, if you like Icelandic nature then you will love Vestmannaeyjar and you will want to stay there longer to experience all the magical things the island has to offer.


eTravel Travel agency is now operated by eTravel travel agency, we specialise in tours in and around Westman Islands / Vestmannaeyjar. Summer time in Westman Islands are a busy time so we have created this online booking website so you can book all your tours and trips online and in advance.