Puffin and Volcano Tour



Puffin and Volcano Tour is one of our most popular tour for those who are here on a day trips.

We drive around the Island and tell you all about the history of the Westman Islands,
We take you to "sprangan", a local sport in Heimaey, where our local guide will show you his amazing skills. Spranga is like scaling and swinging on a rope in the cliffs.

In this tour we will go to valley Herjolfsdalur and also go to Stórhofdi (the windiest place in Europe) to see our amazing puffin colony. We will also drive in the middle of Eldfell the volcano where the eruption started. Ending this tour in our local Aquarium (Sæheimar), where you will get to see (among other things like fish and birds) Tóti alive puffin, you might get to hold him and pet him if you choose. 

Top Locations:

  • Stórhöfði - (the windiest place in Europe where you can see puffins)
  • Eldfell - Be in the middle of the Volcano where it all started
  • Sprangan - Local sport in Heimaey, where your guide will show you his skillz and how it works
  • Aquarium - Meet alive puffin and hear the story about Tóti
  • Herjólfsdalur - The valley where you see the ruins of the farmhouse
  • Elephant Rock - You will get to see the famous Elephant Rock

Other informations: 

  • Departure time: 11:00, 14:00 & 16:00
  • Meeting point: Harbor in Heimaey, close to the ferry Herjolfur. 
  • Tour duration:Time of tour is about 60 - 90 minutes. 
  • Included: Guided tour from a local, entrance fee to the Aquarium.
  • Tour operator: Eyjatours

Note: Please consider that all trips are depending on weather conditions and wildlife sighting cannot be guaranteed.

See a couple of photos from this tour


Amazing experience! -tripadvisor