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World's First Beluga Whale Sanctuary!

World’s First Beluga Whale Sanctuary!

The Beluga Whales of the Westman Islands   The Westman Islands (or ‘Vestmannaeyjar’ to Icelanders) has become the home of two charmingly charismatic beluga whales.

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Winner in Best of Iceland Awards

We are proud to say that Westman Islands / Vestmannaeyjar was chosen as a winner in 3 categories in the Best of Iceland Awards 2020 by Grapevine.

Ferry to Vestmannaeyjar - Ferry to Westman Islands - Herjólfur Ferry

Landeyjahöfn and Ferry FAQ

We get a lot of question regarding Landeyjahöfn and the ferry, so we decided to put them in one good FAQ for you. Do I

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