Why you should spend the night on Westman Islands

Spend the night on Westman Islands
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Well the answer to that is simple: Our visitors number one regret is not to have spent enough time on Westman Islands. Westman Islands are quite often the highlight of their trip to Iceland.

If you like Icelandic nature then you will love Vestmannaeyjar and you will want to stay there longer to experience all the magical things the island has to offer.

Since the new harbor in Landeyjahofn was built, the tourism service on the island has improved a lot, new restaurants have emerged, new tours been developed, new hotels, hostel and guesthouses and new museum built and other museums renovated.   The people of Westman Islands greet the increased number of guests that come to experience their little island in a friendly manner.


We offer a lot of interesting activities, like adventurous  boat tours where you will sense the nature in close proximity, some people like to hike or ride a bike around the small island of Heimaey.  Many people  enjoy the guidance of the locals in a car or a bus tour around the island.

Boat tours Vestmannaeyjar Ribsafari Vestmannaeyjar around heimaey Westman Islands Vestmannaeyjar

The history of the islands is remarkable and is expressed in the Folk Museum Sagnheimar,  the Aquarium and museum of Nature Sæheimar and of course the new Volcano Museum Eldheimar, which exhibits the history of the eruption on Heimaey 1973  and Surtsey from 1963-1967.

Tóti the puffin Westman Islands alive puffin Vestmannaeyjar

Recent years Westman Islands have become renowned for the great restaurants which offer quality food from the nature around the islands, with great fish, local dishes and also international dishes.

Einsi Kaldi Vestmannaeyjar restaurant

Rent a bike

Open from 12:00-17:00

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