Price: kr. 20.000

Elephant Rock Tour


Social Media made our beautiful Elephant Rock world famous. The Elephant in the sea looks very majestic in the sea. If you come in the winter time you might get to see the our Elephant being pounded by the heavy waves but he does not budge at any time.

This 4 hour hiking tour on top of the Elephant rock starts in Herjólfsdalur where we will first ascend to the top of Dalfjall mountain which is a medium difficulty hiking trail (take your camera, there are some great views from there).

From there we will continue from Dalfjall to Blátindur summit which is the 273 meters and second highest point of the Westman Islands.

From Blátindur we will descend to Halldórsskora and from there we will head up to the top of the Elephants head. To get to the Elephants head we have secured some fixed bolts and a safety line to make sure that everyone is safe.
– We will provide a climbing harness so you can hook yourself to the safety lines and experience the hike in a more relaxing manner.

When on top of the Elephant Rock we will take a break and you will get your picture taken from a distance from our photographer. We will give you plenty of time to relax, enjoy and take your own photos of this iconic location that so few have been on top of.

As a bonus on this hiking tour you will see few bird species including our pride and joy the Puffin.  There are some puffin nests close to the Elephants head and you will be able to see if if you are visiting between June and August.

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