Kayaking in Klettsvík bay

Kayak & Puffins offers a 1.5 hour guided tour around the magnificent Klettsvík Bay in Vestmannaeyjar off the southwest coast of Iceland.

Some people say that Vestmannaeyjar were made for kayaking. That’s because kayaking in Vestmannaeyjar is a unique thing to do. While paddling your way to the beautiful Klettsvík bay, you got the lava from the 1973 volcano on your right hand and the cliffs of the three mountains that make up the Klettsvík bay on your left, full of puffins and other seabird.

Exploring the incredible wildlife in Klettsvík bay in a kayak with our guide allows you to experience nature in a way that you simply cannot do anywhere else.

Klettsvík is a home of thousands of puffins and other seabirds. You will also run in to seals occasionally. The mountains are magnificent with the massive swiss-cheese like cliffs towering hundreds of feet above the kayaks and you’ll be awe-struck by the beauty of the many colors in the Klettsvík cave.
Floating in the calm sea of Klettsvík and feeling the everlasting peace and quiet is very special.

Klettsvík bay became famous in 1999 when the giant killer whale, Keiko, was transported from its pool in the United States to a football-field size pen in Klettsvík Bay. Keiko became well known when he starred in the movie Free Willy.

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