Price: kr. 29.300

Land and sea – Volcano and Puffin combo tour

The land and sea combination tour offers the best and most unique adventure in Vestmannaeyjar that you can find in a single tour, guided fully by a local.

We use our 4 hours tour with a local to explore both from the ocean and from land. Starting our exciting tour, we drive around the entire island at first and learn about the captivating history of this little volcanic island cluster. It is one thing to hear stories, and another to experience it in real life as we will do since you will learn the devastating history of the volcanic eruption of 1973 and how that left the entire island to run to the boats for escape in the middle of night.

That eruption is still strong in local’s memories of how the ash covered the entire island, and how the lava created new entire land. Imagine hearing and living this story, but also be able to stand in the middle of the crater where the Eldfell volcano erupted that night. Take in all the beautiful and unique sights such as the famous Elephant rock.

During our stops on land, we stop at Storhofdi on the furthermost point of Westman island. Here we can witness in peace one of the biggest puffin colonies in the world in their natural habitat. Walk with us to the puffin lookout cabin, watching the puffins socialize, fly out for fish and land back in their burrows where they are preparing for their coming baby puffins. Then we follow up by taking a RIB boat adventure, where we will also see the puffins from the sea on the nearby uninhabited islands!

During this land and ocean tour, our travelers will also learn incredibly much about the history and culture of the island, about the traditional sport of Vestmannaeyjar and how to “spranga”!

Join us for a amazing day that will never be forgotten.

What’s included?

  • Lunch buffet at the amazing restaurant Tanginn.
  • All fees and taxes for all places.


  • Infants must sit in your lap
  • Not recommended for Pregnant women (RIB boat)
  • Not recommended for people with heart conditions (RIB boat)
  • Not recommended for people with back problems (RIB boat)
  • Not wheelchair accessible

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