Price: kr. 25.000

Mountain Hike & Boat Riding Combo-tour


This tour kicks off at Herjólfsdalur valley and traverse to Saltaberg Rock while giving you insightful stories about the first settlers in the Island.

A more exciting “ spranga” experience awaits you in Saltaberg. Yes, you get the change to swing on a secured rope we prepared for you. Savor on the magnificent views over Heimaey while you are swinging from the top of the rock/cliff.

This tour then levels up as the hike takes us to the top of Dalfjall mountain where you get to enjoy the breath taking of Heimaey. Of course Iceland on the north, Blatindur summit on the west and Eggjar on the east. Such stunning views!
Highlighting this tour is your chance to go further to Blatindur where you get the mighty experience of standing at the top of the summit.

To cap this experience we will treat you to a light meal once we descend from the hike.
( price included in the Tour )

And your wonderful experience exploring the mountains does not end there. Since this is a combo package. We will then take you the second half of the tour which is the 1-hour RIB boat ride around the area. Get ready to mesmerised as we explore sea caves, cliffs, birdlife and remote stone beaches. Wait this more! We sail up close the stunning Elephant Rock. Surely a fun and memorable experience.

What’s included?

  • Food & drinks

Hiking gear and helmets included

Lifejackets and overalls for the boat trip included

Lunch included at a restaurant

Please note

Dress according to the weather.

All of our tours are dependent on the weather. We reserve all rights to cancel tours if the sea is rough or if there is too much wind for a safe hike

What do I need to bring?

Good hiking shoes

Appropriate outdoor clothing



Snacks (if you want)

Cancellation policy

We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 2 days or less before the event
We will charge a cancellation fee of 20% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before the event

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