Price: kr. 80.000

Puffin Island Tour in Bjarnarey


Bjarnarey is a Puffin Island that belongs to Westman Islands. It is one of the larger puffin colonies on Westman Islands. This is a guided full day tour (8-10 hours) where you get to explore the wonderful islands of Bjarnarey and the Westman Islands scenic nature.

The tour starts on Westman Islands (so you would need to book ferry tickets or airplane tickets) where you will meet the team. From there we will go over equipment, technique and prepare for the boat ride.

After the gear is loaded into the boat we will start our trip to Bjarnarey Puffin Island. When we arrive at Bjarnarey then the tricky part of the ascension up “the staples” starts. Once we are up Bjarnarey we will sit down at our base (the hut) get some drinks and snacks while preparing for the next part of the expedition, where we will hike across the island to reach the east cliff where the highlight of the tour starts.

Here we will start the descension into the cliffs. We have fixed bolts all the way down and a safety line is connected securely through them. You will be attached to the safety line the whole time. From there you will be in close proximity to several birds species including the Puffin, the Guillemot (Common Murre), the Kittiwake and the Fulmar. When reaching the end of the trail you will be pulled up on the last 20 meters.

After the descension a well deserved food will be waiting for you in the hut where we will have dinner together with amazing views of Heimaey.

Only a short walk away there is a hill on Bjarnarey where the Puffins nest in the ground and from there you can also enjoy a magnificent view of Eyjafjallajökull glacier/volcano and the surrounding islands.


  • We supply climbing harnesses, helmets and warm overalls for the boat (if needed)
  • Included in the price is snacks, drinks and a warm meal after the cliff hiking
  • Dress according to weather conditions. Have good shoes on for the hike and some good outdoor clothing.

If you have some special request like staying overnight in the island cabin (in Bjarnarey), jumping of cliffs, boat tours around the islands please contact us for further information.


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