RIB Boat tour

RIB Boat tour

What to expect in this tour

A brilliant, 1-hour RIB boat tour in the Westman Islands where we will explore sea caves, remote beaches, and the stunning cliffs where the puffin and the common murre lay their eggs.

The tour starts on the harbor where you will pick up your gear and meet your guide. After a brief safety instruction meeting, we head out. The captain will tell you stories about the area while expertly navigating the sea.
Bird lovers will not be disappointed as many bird species call the area home, including puffins, common murres, kitty-wakes, gannets, ducks and fulmars. The stunning scenery will make photographers very happy.
If we are lucky we might spot seals, killer whales, dolphins and other species.
This tour is perfect for families and groups of friends.

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