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ATV Volcano and puffin tour

The archipelago of Westman Islands, or Vestmannaeyjar in Icelandic. This isolated and peaceful island is home to 5.000 islanders and to one of iceland’s most well known volcanic eruption of 1973. For some of our locals, that eruption is still strong in their memory, having to escape through the harbor in the middle of the night, leaving everything behind while the island got covered in Lava and ash. 

This Island is also home to the Largest puffin colony in the world, which is a unique thing to experience when the island itself is small and mountainous, perfect for the puffins to call home. 

Hop on with us on a ATV and tour the most famous highlights that Westman Islands has to offer. Start the tour with us by driving on a ATV along the southside of the island, seeing breathtaking views of the vast ocean, islands and the Elephant rock. We continue along the entire coastline until we get to Stórhöfði; the furthest point on the island and known as one of the windiest places in Europe! 

At the top at Stórhöfði, we will walk behind it to see the magnificent view of the serene ocean and all the islands stretching out from it. On clear and sunny days, you can even see the island Surtsey; which is the youngest island to have been formed on the planet (and still is not allowed to walk on the island as the ecosystem is very fragile) 

At Stórhöfði we will take plenty of time to walk around and enjoy the peacefulness of the place. From there we will walk to a special part of that area where we can see the puffins. There we will take our time to see them in their natural homes, playing, socializing with other puffins, take off and come in to land while our tour guide tells you everything you want to know about them. 

When we are content, we will walk back and drive from Stórhöfði into the lava formations that were created 1973. Here we are driving on a off beaten paths all the way to Prestvík beach where the fishing ship Pelagus stranded. 

We will also continue driving where Guðlaugur Friðþórsson came to land. His story is similar to a fiction as he swam in the cold atlantic ocean for over 5-6 hours to shore. He is the sole survivor of a fishing ship that went under in 1984 as he swam the entire length, came to shore and walked on bare feet to the town. His shocking survival became a world wonder for scientists and his story was even made into a movie called ‘The Deep’. 

We will drive around the lava formations and up into the middle of the volcano that erupted 1973. On top of Eldfell volcano is a beautiful view of the entire island and the mainlands shore. 

This is a fun and enjoyable trip for anyone that enjoys exploring beautiful places and experiencing the beauty of things only our locals can. This can be for anyone and a perfect way to enjoy a tour with your family. Our ATV’s are automatic and easy to drive so there is no requirement to have previous experience with ATV’s. The only thing required is a driving license and the ATV’s are 2 persons so if you want to drive together, then you are more than welcome to do that as well. 


All passengers need to be 6 years or older and everything is included in this guided tour. You will be provided with waterproof overalls, gloves and helmets.

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