Private Tour - Elephant Westman Islands

Did you know…

  • That Westman Islands is the largest puffin colony in the world.
  • That the 18 hole championship golf course in Westman Islands is considered to be one of the 200 best in Europe.
  • That around 4100 inhabitants live on island Heimaey which is also the only island out of 15 where people live on.
  • That around 30 types of birds lay eggs in Westman Islands.
  • Did you know that Westman Islands is a haven for those with a sweet tooth? Experience the delight of gluten-free cakes and bread (read out how to make gluten free bread at home) at the local bakeries.
  • That the golf course in the Westman Islands is considered to be the best in Iceland and one of the hidden diamonds in the world of golf.
  • That, there is a saying; if you get lost in the Forrest in Iceland, just stand up J.
  • That the oldest puffin captured in Westman Islands was 38 years old.
  • That Westman Islands consist of around 15 islands and 30 skerry’s.
  • That Surtsey is the youngest (newest) island in the world
  • That the killer whale Keiko (Free Willy star) lived in a specially made pen located in Klettsvík in Westman Islands from 1998 until 2002.
  • The Beluga Whales now live in Klettsvík, which is the world’s first Beluga Whale Sanctuary
    That in Iceland you can drink one of the freshest and purest water in the world, straight from the tap.
  • That the whole island is air conditioned
  • That Westman Islands, lighthouse keeper Óskar J. Sigurðsson has tagged over 80.000 birds which is a world record.
  • That around 15.000 people participate in the yearly 4 day Festival (Þjóðhátíð).
  • That over 10.000.000 puffins live in Westman Islands
  • That Westman Islands are a true volcano world, with 3 volcano eruptions, first to mention is Helgafell or Holy mountain then Surtsey and last but not least the famous volcano Eldfell.
  • That Ásgeir Sigurvinsson former captain of Stuttgart and one of the best football player in Icelandic history is from Westman Islands
  • That the volcano eruption in 1973 lasted for around five months.
  • That when the Turkish invasion was in 1627 around 100 people hid in a cave to avoid being kidnapped, the cave is called Hundraðmannahellir.
  • That Óskar J. Sigurðsson Westman Islands lighthouse keeper got the “2007
  • Environmental Hero Award” from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
  • That Westman Islands is the only place in Iceland where the seabird Manx Shearwater (Puffinus Puffinus) lays his eggs.
  • That the highest mountain in Westman Islands, Heimaklettur is 283m high.
  • That there is a street in Westman Islands named after the King of Denmark in 1930, the street is called Hilmisgata (Hilmir means King).
  • That in Westman Islands you can find the Elephant Rock that is a naturally erupted
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