How to get to Westman Islands - Vestmannaeyjar

How to get to Westman Islands

How to get to Westman Islands / Vestmannaeyjar

The best and the cheapest way to get to visit Westman Islands is with the ferry Herjólfur. Which sails from Landeyjahöfn 7 scheduled trips each day, sailing time is 45 minutes.


Herjólfur sails from Vestmannaeyjar to Landeyjahöfn which is located on the south of Iceland. You can both drive to Landeyjahöfn by a regular car (no 4×4 car is needed) or you can take the bus, if you are travelling from Reykjavik. Driving from Reykjavík to Landeyjahöfn is about 2 hour drive.

If you have a bicycle, car or caravan, mobile home you can take it with you over to Westman Islands.

– Passengers are asked to check-in 30 minutes before departure.


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See map of Landeyjahöfn to Westman Islands:

Need a plan before or after your trip to Westman Islands?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ferry to the Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) is around 45 minutes.

The Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) is known for its amazing beauty. The strange combination of lava, new and old, and moss-covered cliffs is something you have to see to truly understand.

But it is also known for:

  • The largest puffin colony in Europe
  • The Beluga Whale sanctuary
  • The eruption in 1973 (started just outside of town!)
  • A golf course ranked in the top 200 of best golf courses in the world
  • The Elephant Rock
  • Surtsey, an underwater eruption resulting in this new island and UNESCO listed
  • Sprangan – an islander thing – rope from a cliff, show off to your mates. Do you dare?
  • Amazing and varied restaurants

The best tours in the Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) depends on who is asking. Are you adrenaline seeking or a nature buff?

Of course there are many hiking trails. But there are also volcano ATV tours, bus tours, boat tours, all ranging from 60-120 minutes to a full day experience.

The hiking tours would be the best bet for the introverts out there. And there are many hiking trails in the Westman Islands.

The one in Storhofdi (i. Stórhöfði) offers you a puffin watching site while you casually strut among the Icelandic sheep (we have our own brand, thank you very much, and we admit, they look a bit weird, no funny, let’s say they look funny).

The hiking trail up the two volcanoes are a bucket-list kinda thing. The old one, Helgafell, is steep but worth it. The new one, Eldfell, is a little easier, but the walk in the new lava with all the amazing colors is breathtaking.

A hike up Heimaklettur (the one the island is named after and we all love sailing into the harbour and have Heimaklettur greet us, I get chills just writing this) is not for the faint of heart but worth it, with almost guaranteed puffin sighting (if you come between April and August). But be careful. If you roll in the grass there, between the puffin nests, you might get the puffin-bug on you, that is not as cute as the bird. Am I speaking from experience? Maybe. Maybe not.

There is a hiking trail on the Elephant Rock, but we do recommend a guided tour. It is not for everyone. But of course, beautiful to say the least.