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Beluga Whales & Puffin sanctuary – Ticket

Visit the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary!

Take a tour of our visitor center, learn about the beluga whales and why they are here, see their new neighbours in our native species aquarium and the vital work being done to protect the island’s puffins in our puffin hospital.

The Sanctuary’s first residents, Little White and Little Grey traveled 6,000 miles from their previous home in a Shanghai water park via air, land, and sea to the Sanctuary, located in a large, natural bay on Vestmannaeyjar, an island just off the south coast of Iceland.


The Beluga Whale Sanctuary is also home to Iceland´s only Puffin Rescue Centre, which takes in pufflings (baby puffins) and puffins found in Vestmannaeyjar which need some extra care. Most of these birds are rescued by the local Puffling Patrol, which works in cooperation with the Sanctuary. Some are brought in my local residents for review, treatment and possibly release if they are fit and ready. Admission to our visitor center and donation help support the care of injured puffins, as well as those which cannot be released.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, there are trips available. See website.

Yes. Especially the ones in the Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar).

Yes. There are various whale watching companies in Iceland. But the Beluga Whale Sanctuary in the Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) offers trips to see the rescued belugas Little Gray and Little White. See website

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