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Circle Boat Tour Vestmannaeyjar

Let us take you on this amazing 1.5 hour Circle Boat Tour around Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar). Sailing around Westman Islands is quite stunning and actually so stunning that even locals are mesmerized every time they go
(no matter how often they have done it).

In this Circle Boat tour around Vestmannaeyjar we will also visit two sea caves. First, we will visit Klettshellir which is famous for its excellent acoustics. The second sea cave is called the “Fjósið” and that one is inside the cape Höfði (Stórhöfði) that is known to be the windiest place in Europe!

During the boat tour, the guide will go through the history of the islands, geological history, sagas, the volcanic eruption in Eldfell in 1973 as well as inform you about the youngest island in the world; Surtsey. You will also see various rock formation and sail along the new lava that was formed in the 1973 eruption.

On Westman Islands there are numerous bird species that nest on the cliffs and surrounding islands. You will see plenty of birds and seabirds such as our pride and joy the Puffin, Fulmar, Kittiwake and even the Gannenumerouts. It can also happen that we will see some seals and whales during high summer.

Our boat Halkion takes up to 50 passengers and is 14,73 meters long. We can offer 28 seats indoors and 10 seats outdoors as well as plenty of space for standing and moving around the boat.

This is an experience you will not regret so book a trip with us today

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