Lava Walk – Guided Tour

Walk through the Lava on Westman Islands

Take a guided walk through the lava field with a local. The guide will tell you all about the famous eruption that created Eldfell in 1973. You will also get a local insight into how this eruption affected the people of Vestmannaeyjar and the effort they took to dig up and rebuild this amazing town.

Tour Details
The tour starts on the harbor and from there we will take you to Skansinn. After Skansinn we will walk through the Lava field and hear stories about homes that went under the ground you are walking on. From you can also enjoy a great view over the town.

Our last stop will be the on the top of the Eldfell Volcano ( it is not a very difficult hike)

If you want to explore the Westman Islands, get a little bit of exercise  and intriguing stories from a local guide then this would be a perfect fit for you.

If you are traveling in a group or want custom guided walking tour, just contact us via email.

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